Celeste Donato

Research Fellow

Following a Bachelor of BioMedical Science (Hons) degree from La Trobe University, I completed my PhD under the supervision of A/Prof Carl Kirkwood in the Enteric Virus Group, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia. My PhD investigated the changing epidemiology of rotavirus strains in Australia following the universal introduction of paediatric rotavirus vaccines. This diverse project involved whole genome sequencing and extensive analysis of strains circulating in the pre- and post-vaccine eras. Whole genome analysis was also performed on strains identified as zoonotic transmission cases. I also had a particular focus on characterising outbreaks strains from the Indigenous population in the Northern Territory that were associated with low vaccine effectiveness.

In my role as a Research Fellow in Laboratory of Infectious Disease Dynamics at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, my research will focus on the molecular epidemiology and evolution of RNA viruses. I have a particular interest in viruses that cause significant paediatric morbidity and mortality; as well as the emergence of strains associated with zoonotic transmission.



Divergent human origin influenza viruses detected in Australian swine populations.

Evolution and spatio-temporal dynamics of Enterovirus A71 subgenogroups in Vietnam.

The Broad Host Range and Genetic Diversity of Mammalian and Avian Astroviruses.

Genetic characterization of Enterovirus 71 strains circulating in Vietnam in 2012